The Specialized Industrial Hand Tools

November 8, 2017 Posted by kyu7

The industrial hand tools are used in big working constructions for cutting, installing, adjusting, and repairing. It has special features made specifically to make jobs a lot less difficult, more manageable, and quicker.

Kinds of Industrial Hand Tools
The industrial hand tools can be a basic screw driver, hammer, wrench, chop saw, hole saw, jigsaw, miter saw and more to specialized industrial hand tools. The industrial hand tools available in basic types also come in specialized forms with added features and functionalities.

Some commonly used specialized industrial hand tools:

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Chop Saw- D28715 with Quick-Change
The DeWalt D28715 is a heavy-duty 14-Inch chop saw ensured of durability and great performance. It is ideal to cut metal drywall studs, specialty wheels and angle iron. This tool is equipped with a 15 amp and 5-1/2 horsepower motor. It could handle big jobs with overload capacity.

It features a quick-change blade change system. This means one can easily replace the wheels without the need of a wrench if necessary. It also features a quick-release fence which does not need wrenches to adjust. It boasts of an exclusive quick-fence tool-free, a 45-degree adjustable fence. It makes faster and more accurate angle cuts.

The handle is ergonomic for better and more comfortable hand positioning and lessens hand fatigue. It also features a durable lockdown pin for the head to safely lock when being carried. The durable compression spring is very durable and smoothly moves to make the saw easy to use.

The DeWalt Chop Saw comes with a 14-inch abrasive wheel, blade washer, blade change wrench, and blade bolt. It measures 44.5 pounds.

Bosch 5412L
The Bosch 5412L Miter Saw is an impressive powerful tool loaded with innovative and friendly features. It has a laser tracking for more accurate outputs. The laser produces bright, smooth and thin cuts. This visible line directs the user where the blade will run through.

It is equipped with a 15-amp motor, powerful to offer 3 horsepower maximum motor output at a speed of 3,800 rpm. This is sufficient to handle the most difficult cutting task. It also boasts of a large and thick blade capable for handling very big jobs. It can be angled to 45 degrees and handle very thick blocks of wood.

Other features of the miter saw include up-front angle adjustments, slide mechanism, and electric brake. The wedge is very precise and patented. The handle can be positioned in four ways.

This tool comes handy with a dust collection bag, saw blade with 60 teeth, blade wrench set, instruction manual, and batteries. The tool measures 59 pounds. The crown is easy to flip down.

Black and Decker JIGSAW – VAR SPEED 450W- KS600E
The Black and Decker KS600E is a compact, small, and lightweight industrial jigsaw. It is ideal for general wood cutting and basic 45 deg beveled and curved cuts. It is also commendable for metal pipe and light sheet metal cutting.

The 450 W Black and Decker jigsaw features variable speed strokes of 3000 per minute. It enhances the quality of cut through a variety of tasks and materials. It is equipped with universal blade clamp which holds both U and T Shank Blades.

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